Tuesday, January 24, 2006

skull finder

These are some scans i made today of some of the sketches and ideas that i have been putting in my sketch pad. I am going to try and finish my body of work this year and exhibit it at the end of this year or perhaps early next year. I have finaly realised what i want the over all ruling concept of my work and thesis to be. I will tell you more once i have actually written my seminar paper and have made more work to illustrate the ideas i have been working on.

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yameng said...

Yo andrzej! Stumbled upon your blog! good job boy! nice work! welldone! don't know what else to say in terms of compliment but beautiful stuff, i fucking love it. ok, so when is your final Final exhibit? good luck to that and please keep me posted on when it will be.. now having said all this, i hope this message finds you well. luv nance x