Sunday, January 29, 2006

Golden Pharmacies and Doomed Fools

Lately the focus of my drawing and thinking has revolved around gardeners and pharmacists as symbols of control and order.
I am currently molding these two symbols into my narrative painting. In the previous post Glass neck is a red giant who has been built by a pharmacist, through medicine to be big and strong. I am trying to describe the pharmacist through his influence on the world, how his medicine changes it and what it builds.
The gardener on the other hand has to keep nature in check maintain a balance.
I am trying to make these two figures represent control through creation of something unnatural (like medicine) and the creation of a controlled enviroment through destruction (gardening).
The pictures above are what has influenced my investigation into the Gardener and the pharmacist. I feel that the simple story present in these images carries the base ideas which i am going to develope through the Gardner and the Pharmacist.

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